About Us

I’m Chris Wakoko, owner and founder of Insectville. I specialize in DIY projects and have been a medium-scale farmer from Iowa for more than 15. I grew up on a corn farm on the outskirts of Des Moines, where my family and I kept bees and worked on farm machinery.

My passion for insects, especially bees, started early, tending to beehives on our farm. I would start practical lessons from my high school, joining beekeeping communities and meeting other farmers and enthusiasts.

I have undertaken insect farming courses at Insect School and Insect Engineers while working with experts from the Center for Environmental Sustainability through Insect Farming (CEIF) on sustainable insect farming.

I have a bee farm and work with experts and enthusiasts in insect farming, fish farming, and DIYers from across the globe.

Insectville is the expression of my skills and experience in these related fields. I discuss mostly DIY methods of insect farming, sustainability, and environmental preservation while at it. I also recommend products for farmers and everyone who interacts with insects.

Thank you for being a part of this fast-growing team.