Can Pacman Frogs Eat Mealworms?

Amphibians are known to be insect-lovers. As such, you shouldn’t be surprised when pacman frogs eat a mealworm now and then. Mealworms are a good source of nutrition for smaller Pacman frogs. They’re a good addition for individuals who want to give their pet a treat every now and then and don’t mind preparing it beforehand. 

Pacman frogs eat mealworms which provide them with various nutrients. In fact, they’re used to feed the frogs kept in captivity as one of the main meals. Given that mealworms have a good amount of protein, they provide the frogs with protein for growth and development. 

Remember to gut load the insects to make them more nutritious than store-bought insects. They’ll need more nutrients and protein as adults than mealworms can supply.

What are mealworms?

If you want to raise mealworms, you should first learn a little about them. The idea that a mealworm isn’t actually a worm is fascinating information right from the beginning! 

Tenebrio molitor, the darkling beetle’s scientific name, is simply one of the darkling beetle’s four life phases. There are over 20,000 different species of darkling beetles, so you may have come across a few different ones when looking for the ideal meal for your reptile.

Although many of the larvae tend to have a similar appearance, there are some characteristics of the mealworm’s life cycle and activity that can help you distinguish between the common feeder species. 

The T. Molitor mealworm, for example, is a cream to light-brown color as a larva, with a segmented body marked by a dark brown line that divides each part. Its body darkens as it grows older and approaches adulthood.

Mealworms nutritional value

Mealworms are commonly used as pet food for reptiles in captivity. They’re also put out in bird feeders for wild birds, especially during the breeding season. They’re quite beneficial since they are high in protein. They’re also used as bait for fishing.

They are sold in bulk in commercial stores and are usually packaged with bran or oatmeal for eating. To keep the mealworm in the larval stage and still be able to attain an unnatural length of 2 cm or larger, commercial producers include a juvenile hormone in the feeding process.

Components Amount 

Can Pacman frogs eat mealworms?

Mealworms can be a good supplement to a Pacman frog’s diet. Mealworms cannot be eaten primarily by larger animals, but they can be included in their diet. Before feeding them to your frogs, make sure they’re gut loaded.

The fact that Pacman frogs eat mealworms should come as no surprise to anyone who understands anything about amphibians.

Mealworms can and should be eaten by smaller Pacman frogs as part of their diet. They can be a good addition for individuals who wish to give their pet a treat every now and then and don’t mind preparing it ahead! Remember to gut load the insects to make them more nutritious than store-bought insects.

They’ll need more nutrients and protein as adults than mealworms can offer. Smaller rodents, fish, and birds are favorites of very large Pacman frogs. Mealworms can be a tasty supplement to these frogs’ diet, but they should not be their exclusive source of nutrition!

Mealworms and superworms are likewise high in fat, so don’t feed them to your frogs all the time. It can lead to obesity, as well as other health issues like joint pain and vitamin A deficiency. It’s critical to gut-load mealworms to ensure that they’re nutritious for your pet frog.

Protein can be a concern as well. Mealworms can only hold so much protein, and if your Pacman frog isn’t getting enough from his food, he may become malnourished.

Pros of mealworms for pacman frogs

Cons of mealworms for pacman frogs

What else do pacman frogs eat?

Pacman frogs are voracious feeders who will devour anything that is smaller than themselves. They are enormous frogs that are known to eat anything smaller than themselves, including fellow Pacman frogs.

The food of your Pacman frog will have a significant impact on its general health and happiness. They require a customized diet similar to what they would eat in the wild. This entails a high-quality diet that promotes healthy growth and development.

Other foods eaten by pacman frogs include the following:

1. Dubia roaches

Another preferred food item for a PacMan frog is Dubia roaches. They’re easy to find and have a higher nutritional density than crickets.

Dubia roaches also have softer bodies than crickets, making them easier to digest for the PacMan frog. For these reasons, most PacMan frog keepers and breeders choose Dubia roaches to crickets.

2. Red wigglers and Nightcrawlers

Nightcrawlers and Red Wigglers are also excellent foods for your PacMan frog because they are high in nutrients and minerals. They have a delicate body that makes it simple for the frog to grasp, swallow, and digest them.

These worms can be found at most good pet stores, online, or via fishing bait vendors. If you buy nightcrawlers from a fishing bait store, make sure you ask if they are plain nightcrawlers. Some nightcrawler distributors coat the worms with a bright substance to help them attract fish when used as bait. These are NOT what you want for your PacMan Frog.

Nightcrawler colonies are simple to establish and provide an unlimited supply of nutritious food. This gives the ability to control the food’s quality.

3. Waxworms

Wax worms are fantastic for PacMan frog nibbles or treats. These worms are tiny (typically around a half-inch long), have a soft body, and provide a lot of nutrition.

Because wax worms are high in fat, don’t feed them to a PacMan frog in large quantities. Although PacMan frogs can become rather fat, provide them with nutritious food to keep them from becoming obese. A good ratio for a Pacman frog would be 4–5 wax worms every week. Wax worms can be found in most pet stores and on the internet.

4. Hornworms

Hornworms, also known as Goliath worms, are another excellent diet addition for a PacMan frog. Green in color, these worms can reach lengths of 4 to 5 inches. They have a soft body that the frog may readily digest. Hornworms can be found in specialty pet stores or online.

Hornworms are fast-growing worms that live for 10 to 2 weeks and come in cups of 10 to 25 pre-loaded with food. Hornworms are an excellent addition to a PacMan frog’s diet.

5. Pinky mice

Pinky mice can be fed to a PacMan frog once it has reached adulthood. A pinkish mouse is a young mouse that has yet to acquire a coat or open its eyes. They’re about an inch or two long and quite velvety. It’s best not to give your PacMan frog pinky mice until it’s big enough to eat safely.

Pinky mice should be offered live, although frozen pinky mice can be offered once they have completely thawed out. Food items that are too large may strangle the PacMan frog accidentally. Pinky mice can be found in a variety of pet stores and internet vendors.

6. Feeder fish

Feeder fish is another great food item to give a PacMan frog. Feeder fish are miniature goldfish that are produced for carnivorous fish, reptiles, and amphibians as food. PacMan frogs are fed with them as well.

Feeder fish are a favorite of PacMan frogs, and they will usually go after them with zeal. Feeder fish can be found in many pet stores and on the internet. Keep a close eye on how the feeder fish are kept. Make sure the aquarium is clean and that there aren’t too many fish in it. You want to provide a clean, nutritious feeder fish for your Pacman frog.


You can ensure a very healthy diet for your PacMan frog if you feed them high-quality food. It’s critical to provide calcium and other mineral supplements in addition to gut-loading the insects before feeding. Make careful to change up the cuisine as much as possible. Don’t just feed your PacMan frog insects or Nightcrawlers. For every meal, try to switch up the foods.

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