Live Feeders for Pets: Insects for Pets

Supplying your pets with the most suitable nutritious food substances is a great way to ensure they flourish. Over the years, many have discovered that various live insects are a perfect meal and treat for their  pets. However, some live insects are more suitable for specific pets than others.  The live feeders for your pets … Read more

The Cost of Buying Insects

Over the years, the demand for insects has been growing at an increasing rate. People are constantly finding new ideas about these creatures. For instance, you may consider buying insects for breeding to feed your valuable pets. Similarly, you may consider keeping insects for commercial purposes. At the moment, edible insects are expensive given the … Read more

The Smartest Insects: 5 Most Intelligent Bugs

Ants Carrying a Frog

Albert Einstein said,” if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its entire life thinking it’s dumb.” The same goes for measuring the insect’s intellect. We can’t measure an insect’s intellect by its ability to handle algebra, but by how it goes about its business. Honey bees are … Read more

Staple Insects for Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragon Eating Crickets

A bearded dragon’s well-being and health primarily depend on proper nutrition. There is a diverse source of perfect feeds for these lovely pets. Each nutritional feeder insect comes with a nutrient proportion that helps your beardie live healthily. The best staple insects for bearded dragons include dubia roaches, hornworms, waxworms, superworms, mealworms, crickets, nutrigrubs, silkworms, … Read more

How Many Superworms to Feed a Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko and Superworm

Leopard geckos, unlike other reptiles, do not eat fruits or vegetables but prefer insects. However, many pet owners are unaware of what leopard geckos can eat other than mealworms and crickets. This has resulted in most owners asking if and how many superworms can a leopard gecko eat? It would be best if you did … Read more

How to Gut Load Superworms: Steps & Benefits

Superworms Eating a Leaf

Gut loading is feeding insects a specific diet before your pets, reptiles, and amphibians can consume them. It’s done to ensure that the animal gains from the specific nutritional value of the insects and the food they feed on. To gut load superworms, place them in a clean container with the food you plan to … Read more

Can Superworms Bite? Dangers and Safety

Can Superworms Bite?

Superworms are among the most nutritious feeder insects that individuals feed on and pet owners use to provide food to their reptile pets, such as bearded dragons, lizards, and turtles. Therefore, individuals are more interested in buying and breeding superworms for their diet and pets. This has left many people questioning whether superworms can bite … Read more