Staple Insects for Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragon Eating Crickets

A bearded dragon’s well-being and health primarily depend on proper nutrition. There is a diverse source of perfect feeds for these lovely pets. Each nutritional feeder insect comes with a nutrient proportion that helps your beardie live healthily. The best staple insects for bearded dragons include dubia roaches, hornworms, waxworms, superworms, mealworms, crickets, nutrigrubs, silkworms, … Read more

Do Vegans Eat Bugs?

Edible Insects

As vegans, our drive is based on the belief that animals have a life of their own and should be respected. Therefore, any form of cruelty and exploitation meted out on animals is unacceptable. However, there have been mixed reactions over the years regarding bugs. Should we eat them or not? Vegans and vegetarians don’t … Read more

What Do Waxworms Turn Into? Life Cycle and Uses

What Do Waxworms Turn Into?

Waxworms are easily accessible feeder insects that nourish our beloved reptiles and are commonly used for fishing. In addition, waxworms produce the silk used in biological treatments to control pollution. Therefore, the multipurpose feeder insect benefits you and your pet. However, many people fail to understand the science behind waxworms and what they turn into. … Read more