The Cost of Buying Insects

Over the years, the demand for insects has been growing at an increasing rate. People are constantly finding new ideas about these creatures. For instance, you may consider buying insects for breeding to feed your valuable pets. Similarly, you may consider keeping insects for commercial purposes.

At the moment, edible insects are expensive given the increasing demand for alternative sources of food. The supply of these insects is also lower than the demand hence the increased price. Besides that, pet and feeder insects also have a higher demand than the supply hence the high price.

But, what is the cost of buying insects? This is a common question that individuals are always looking for an answer to. Thankfully, this guide has carefully selected and identified the average cost of various insects in the USA. Keep reading to identify more!

The cost of buying insects 

Some of the prices of commercial insects include the following:

Black soldier flyLive: $21 per pound
Eggs: $35 per pound
Hornworms100 worms (1-1.5 inch): $79.99
1000 eggs: $12.50
Discoid roachesLive small (0.25-0.5 inches): $0.54 each
Large: $25 for 35 roaches
Dubia roachesLive (large): $37 for 100 roaches
Dead (large): $23.25 for 100 roaches
Luna roachesLive large: $25 for 25 roaches
Dead: $22.25 per pound
WaxwormsLive large: $18 for 50 worms
Large dried: $5 for 50 worms
CricketsLive large: $7 per 100 crickets
Dead large: $40 per pound
SuperwormsLive medium: $20 for 50 worms
Dried: $20 for 100 worms
MealwormsLive medium: $24 for 100 worms
Dead: $27 per pound
SilkwormsSmall: $14.99 per 25 worms
Eggs: $0.05 per egg
Dried: $1.5 per pound
BeesSet: $150
Queen: $25-$100
EarthwormsLive: $1 per pound
Dried:$250 per pound
Black wormsLive: $20 per pound
Dried: $12 per pound
BloodwormsLive: $40 for a 250 insects
Dried: $1400 for a 0.02-pound pack
Tubifex wormsLive: $130 per pound
Dried: $70 per pound
Lac insectsLive: $3.5 per pound
Dried: $35 per pound
Cochineal Live: $1.30 per pound
Dried: $10 per pound
White wormsLive: $15 for a 100-insect pack
Dried: $40 per pound
Spiders Live: $25-$150
Bean beetlesLive: $16 per pound
Dried: $20 per pound

Black Soldier Flies

Black soldier flies are a common protein-rich insect used for multiple uses, including cleaning bio-waste that may include potato peels, pig manure, and beer waste. Averagely, live black soldier flies go for $21 per pound in the US market. These insect eggs also cost an average of $35 per pound.


Hornworms are a common feeder insect for reptile pets. These insects are rich in calcium and are a perfect meal for chameleons. On average, 100 hornworms of 1 to 1.5-inch  cost $79.99. Hornworm eggs are available at a low price of $12.50 for 1000 eggs.

Discoid Roaches

Discoid roaches are soft-bodied, low-chitin, and highly nutritious feeder insects for your leopard gecko, bearded dragons, and other insect-feeding reptiles. These insects have high protein and moisture content, making them a suitable feeder insect. Live small-sized (0.25 to 0.5 inches) discoid roaches cost $0.54 per unit. Dead discoid roaches cost about $25 for 35 roaches.

Dubia Roaches

Dubia roaches are among the most commonly-preferred feeder insects for reptile pets. This is due to their high nutritional value. These insects cost an average of $37 for 100 large-sized live insects. Dead dubia roaches cost $23.25 for 100 large-sized insects.

Luna Roaches

Luna roaches are protein-rich feeder insects. They are available affordably where a cup of 35 live medium-sized insects costs an average cost of $35. Dead luna roaches cost about $22.25 for a one-pound pack.


Waxworms are a suitable treat for amphibian and reptile pets. They supply a high amount of fats and proteins to pets. Averagely, large-sized waxworms cost $18 for 50 live insects. Large-sized dried wax worms cost an average of $5 for a 50-insect pack.


Crickets are pocket-friendly nutritious feeder insects available in various sizes. These insects are highly-loved for their long-living ability and odorless nature. Live large-sized crickets at an average of $7 for a 100 pack. Dead crickets cost about $40 for a 1-pound pack.


Superworms are a staple nutritious feeder insect for amphibians and reptiles. These insects are inexpensive and easy to store for your reptile and amphibian pets. Live medium-sized superworms cost an average of $20 for a 50-insect pack. Dried superworms cost about $20 for a 250-insect pack.


Mealworms are nutritious feeder insects for scorpions, reptiles, tarantulas, and amphibians. These insects are affordable and easy to breed hence a suitable feeder for your pet. The average cost of live medium-sized mealworms is $24 for a 100-insect pack. Dead mealworms, on the other hand, cost $27 per pound.


Silkworms are a suitable feeder insect due to their high protein, low fat, and easy digestibility. These insects are easy to keep under typical room temperature when provided with food in their container. 

The average cost of small-sized silkworms is $14.99 for a 25-insects pack. Silkworm eggs (Bombyx Mori) cost about $0.05 per count. Dried silkworms cost about $1.5 per pound.


Bees are incredible insects in the ecosystem. They are recognized for their highly-demanded products such as honey and wax. The demand for beekeeping is constantly increasing at a high rate, where a new package of bees costs about $150. The queen bee costs about $25 to $40 with some as high as $100. The queen bee is essential for a functional hive.


Earthworms are recommendable soil engineers for their significant contributions to the soil. These insects enhance nutrient availability, drainage, and a suitable soil structure. Thus, most individuals are incorporating earthworms in their farming. 

The average cost of live earthworms is $1 for a 1-pound pack. Dried earthworms cost about $250 per pound.

Buffalo Worms

Buffalo worms are a suitable diet treat for small creatures such as lizards, birds, and amphibians. Human beings with iron deficiency also benefit from feeding on these insects. This has increased the demand for these insects. 

The average cost of live buffalo worms is $20 for a pound pack. Dried buffalo worms cost about $12 for a 1-pound pack.


Bloodworms have various uses, especially in aquaculture. Aquarists use them as food for fish, while others use them as bait for fishing. The average cost of live bloodworms is $40 for a 250-insect pack. Dried bloodworms cost about $1400 for a 0.02-pound pack. 

Tubifex Worms

Tubifex worms are a typical live food for tropical and freshwater fish. Since their inception, these insects have been traded in the aquarium market, and individuals are constantly gathering them in the open sewers. This has made them valuable fish feeders by aquarists. 

The average cost of live tubifex worms is $130 per pound. Dried tubifex worms cost about $70 per pound.

Lac insects

Lac insects contribute to producing various products such as wood finish, inks, lubricants, electrical installation, and cosmetics. Individuals are continuously breeding these insects for commercial purposes. 

The average cost of live lac insects is $3.5 per pound. Dried lac insects cost about $35 per pound.


Cochineal bugs are essential insects used as coloring agents in beverages and cosmetics. Their coloring powder ability is contributed by their cochinealin acquired by boiling them in water. Individuals are embracing the art of keeping these insects for commercial needs. 

The average cost of live cochineal is $1.30 for a pound of insects. Dried cochineal costs about $10 for a 1-pound pack.

White Worms

White worms are among the easy-to-breed insects used as live food for conditioning fish breeding. They are rich in nutrients that make them a suitable diet for aquatic amphibians, including dwarf-clawed frogs and newts. These insects are easy to manage in normal room temperature and dark conditions. 

The average cost of live white worms is $15 for a 100-insect pack. Dried white worms cost about $40 for a 1-pound pack.


Spiders make great pets in your home. These insects are noticed for their pest-control ability, while others add aesthetic value to your property. The average cost of live spiders is $25-$150, varying according to the species.

Bean Beetles

Bean beetles are a weevil species known for laying eggs on black-eyed peas. These insects make a great snack for animals that appreciate preying on smaller insects such as geckos, juvenile chameleons, and toads. They are available at an affordable price and can be used as a supplement feeder for your pets. 

The average cost of live bean beetles is $16 per pound. Dried bean beetles cost about $20 per pound.


Various insects have specific essential uses. In this post, we have selected the top-used insects illustrating their uses and cost in the market. You can easily access all these insects in the market at the outlined average costs and embrace their use. 

In addition, you can practice keeping these insects for their essential commercial purposes. Now, you can focus on keeping insects and commercializing the art.

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