How to Handle a Bee Nest + Bee Nest Types

Bee nest

Most widespread bee species in the United States are social insects that form colonies, settling in natural and artificial cavities or building aerial nests to shelter eggs and developing young from predators and the weather. For the homeowner, recognizing the type of nest will provide hints as to which species of bee or wasp built … Read more

Are Carpenter Bees Good Pollinators?

Carpenter bee on a flower

Carpenter bees seem threatening due to their enormous size and deafening buzz, but they are pretty kind and vital pollinators in our environment. Many flowering plants in our gardens, natural spaces, and farms depend on carpenter bees for pollination. In reality, native bees, like carpenter bees, pollinate up to 15% of our crops. However, carpenter … Read more

How Do Bees Help Plants in Reproduction?

A bee on a flower

Bees are crucial to our environment, food supply, and daily life, even though many people may view them as nothing more than bothersome insects. These flora-seekers gather pollen and nectar from flowers while dispersing pollen between plants. Without bees, we’d undoubtedly be missing out on a lot of food, and we’re not just referring to … Read more

Bee Hive Stages: The Life Cycle of a Bee

Bee Life Cycle

Bees develop through 4 stages; the egg, larva, pupa, and adult. After hatching, the egg develops into an embryo, which develops an exterior covering and a neurological and digestive system. Then, each embryo matures into an adult throughout various periods. Drones grow to adulthood in under 24 days, while female workers need 21 days for … Read more

Is My Hive Queenless? + What To Do

Honey Bees on a Comb

One of the most frequent reasons why beekeepers lose their colonies is queenlessness. There are numerous ways for a colony to be without a queen and many ways to fix the issue.  A queenless bee is one without a queen who would have died from disease, being killed by the beekeeper or predator, pests, bad … Read more

Colony Collapse Disorder: Causes & Fixes

Honeycomb with Bees

Every industry has its challenges, and the same goes for beekeeping. Some common ones include swarming, absconding, pests, diseases, and predators. None of this, however, does a beekeeper dread more than a colony collapse disorder. It’s the one thing that keeps me awake at night, dreading and hoping that it doesn’t occur to me. In … Read more

Do Mums Attract Bees?

Bee on Mums Flower

If you want to add color to your garden, mums are your best bet. They come in different shades and hues, from white, purple, and orange to pink. Mums enthusiasts love them for their late blooming. When others have died out as seasons change, mums are left vibrant and thriving. Given their bright colors, mums … Read more

Where Does Pollination Occur? + Benefits & Pollinators

A great variety of plants we consume as food or fruit depend on pollination to facilitate reproduction and regeneration. But what is pollination? How does it happen? Where does it occur, and what is its importance?  Plant reproduction relies on pollination, which is when a pollinator moves pollen from the anthers of a flower (male … Read more