How Can We Help Bees? 11+ Ways

Bees are indispensable creatures. These unappreciated saviors of the earth contribute to a proper food supply and other uncountable benefits. According to research, over 80 percent of flowering trees and plants depend on bees for survival. However, recent news shows that their population is declining at an alarming rate. We can help bees by planting … Read more

Parts of Bees (Honey Bee Anatomy)

Despite its tiny stature, the honey bee is a sophisticated and complex insect. It has developed over millions of years to perfectly adapt to its surroundings, allowing it to coexist with other living beings in a delicate balance of give-and-take. Bees have three main body parts, mainly the head, thorax, and abdomen. The head has … Read more

Bee Fall Management: Preparing for the Winter

The colony starts preparing for winter in late summer or early fall. Preparation often begins in the northern regions around August or September. However, it may start earlier, depending on your locale. The best trick in bee fall management is feeding bees with a syrup made of either 1:1 or 1:2 parts sugar and water … Read more

The Best Time of Day to Inspect a Hive

Bees are solitary creatures who keep to themselves. So, you can’t tell if they’re creating honey, the queen is laying eggs, invasive pests are wreaking havoc, or your bees are running out of space. If you don’t understand what’s going on, you won’t be able to help if something goes wrong. Therefore, hive inspections are … Read more

The Bee Calendar (How to Use It)

A Bee Collecting Pollen

Failing to plan is planning to fail. To have a fulfilling beekeeping year, it’s advisable to have a bee calendar. Learn how to use it, plan for the projected bee activities, and save yourself lots of last-minute rush. A bee calendar highlights the important activities that are happening in the hive every month. It helps … Read more

Worker Bee Jobs, Growth Stages & Death

A Worker Bee

While the queen bee receives a lot of attention, the worker bees are the true stars of the hive. Worker bees begin their first of many responsibilities within the hive the minute they emerge from their cells. If only worker bees could, they’d wear a lot of caps! Worker bees are female bees with many … Read more

How to Use Raw Propolis + Side Effects

Raw Propolis

The art of beekeeping is increasingly becoming popular, and more bee products are being discovered. Most of these products are helpful because we can’t afford to live without them. Propolis, among the bees’ products, also has many purposes you may never know about.  Some of the uses for propolis include treating minor burns, cold sores, … Read more

What is Honey Pasteurization? Pros & Cons

Jars of Honey on Shelves

Most people consume honey in its natural form without issues. However, there are some who are affected by the yeast and other components in honey who may require purification of the honey before consumption. One such purification method being honey pasteurization. Honey pasteurization is the passing of honey through extreme heat (70°C), making it smooth … Read more

Best Paint for Bee Hives – Hive Painting, Benefits & Risks

Painted Beehives

As the art of beekeeping is continuously growing in demand, many beekeepers are looking for solutions to increase their hives’ lifespan. Although some beekeepers prefer to leave their hives with natural wood, others love painting their hives to give an attractive look and acquire other benefits. The best paint for your hive is water-based latex … Read more