Self-Draining Bee Hives: Pros and Cons

Self-Draining Hive with Honey-Collection Bucket

For over the previous 10,000 years, beekeeping has been evolving, and human beings have been discovering more modernized beekeeping equipment. There are currently over 3 types of beehives available in the market for beekeeping projects. Due to technological advancement, people are looking for more convenient, easier to manage, and high honey quantity beehives. The self-draining … Read more

How to Requeen a Hive: Steps and Requirements

How to Requeen a Hive

From time to time, beekeepers need to requeen their hives to keep them running. The requeening process requires skills, adequate planning, and careful management. However, beginners may lack the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out the process. Therefore, they inquire from experienced beekeepers and professionals to quickly and successfully carry out the task. One … Read more

How to Remove a Bee Hive from a Tree

How to Remove a Bee Hive from a Tree

Bees are essential insects in the ecosystem. Almost 90% of the globally produced food primarily depends on bees for pollination. Also, bees’ products, including wax and honey, contribute a lot to our health and living standards. However, despite the number of benefits bees bring to us and the ecosystem, we may often need to get … Read more

10 Frame Langstroth Hive Dimensions

10 Frame Langstroth Hive Dimensions

There are various beehive dimensions that manufacturers use when making beehive bodies. These dimensions make slight differences that cannot be easily noticed. This implies that you can use multiple brands of beehives together. A 10 frame Langstroth hive has dimensions of 19.875” x 16” x 5.875” (L x W x H), 19.875” x 16” x 6.625”, and 19.875” x 16” x 9.625” for the shallow, medium and deep hives. For an 8 … Read more

How to Get Bees Away from Your House

How to Get Bees Away from Your House

You park your car. As you disembark, an insect flies right in front of you. You ignore it because you think it’s a normal fly. But when a second and a third fly by, you throw off everything on your hands. You curse loudly and follow them through with your eyes to see where they … Read more

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees on Deck

It’s spring again, and you can’t help noticing the large black bees buzzing and hovering around your deck.  These are the carpenter bees. Most probably, it’s the female looking for a new location to lay eggs, and if not, then it’s a male checking out a suitable female for mating. Use vinegar, citrus oil, essential oils, … Read more

What Do Bees Eat in the Winter? Diet and Care

What Do Bees Eat in the Winter?

Bees eat their own honey during the winter. If they don’t have enough honey, the beekeeper should supplement it with sugar syrup, candy boards, and other foods. Since they need a lot of energy to flutter their wings and keep the hive warm, a colony needs from 30 to 90 pounds of honey for the winter.