How Many Crickets Should I Feed My Leopard Gecko?

Many captive leopard geckos regularly consume crickets. But determining how many to give can be challenging. What number of crickets should you give your leopard gecko, then? Each meal should consist of 5-8 crickets for a leopard gecko. The cricket’s size and the feeding frequency determine the portion size. Baby leopard geckos should consume small … Read more

Do Crickets Eat Plants?

Did you know that crickets can leap up to a distance of two feet and that males use their wings to make noise to attract and give direction to the females? What do they eat? Crickets are omnivores meaning that, although they feed on meat from smaller insects, they also feed on plants. They eat … Read more

Do Spiders Eat Crickets? (Spider Diet)

Did you know that spiders are found everywhere except Antarctica? Yes, and they belong to a class known as arachnids. Spiders have two conspicuous parts, the cephalothorax, and the abdomen. They have their mouths well structured to help them grasp and conquer their prey.  Yes, spiders eat crickets and other insects such as grasshoppers, flies … Read more

How Does a Cricket Make Sound?

When sleeping, you briefly open your eyes at night, and you can’t get back to sleep from the loud noise of cricket somewhere in the house. So you put on the lights and follow the sound, but it’s nowhere to be found. Like humans, insects have a way of expressing themselves, and one of the … Read more

What Do Feeder Crickets Eat?

Crickets are among the most nutrient-rich meals for your pets. Their feeding also determines their level of nutrition to the pet feeding on them. The nutrients they would get from their diet in the wild should be included in their captive diet. A crickets’ natural diet consists of plants, meat, grains, produce, and protein. In … Read more

Are Crickets Harmful? Risks & Prevention

Cricket Eating a Leaf

Did you know that male crickets make the chirping to attract the females to a mating session? They do it by rubbing the forewings together, and the noise attracts females and repels the males. To you, however, it’s a nuisance. Besides that, are crickets harmful? Crickets aren’t harmful insects. Instead, they’re just a nuisance, given … Read more

Staple Insects for Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragon Eating Crickets

A bearded dragon’s well-being and health primarily depend on proper nutrition. There is a diverse source of perfect feeds for these lovely pets. Each nutritional feeder insect comes with a nutrient proportion that helps your beardie live healthily. The best staple insects for bearded dragons include dubia roaches, hornworms, waxworms, superworms, mealworms, crickets, nutrigrubs, silkworms, … Read more

10 Best Cricket Substrates – Materials for Cricket Bedding

Best Cricket Substrate

Crickets are nutritious feeder insects that almost everyone desires to breed for their pets and other commercial purposes. Practically every breeder knows that these feeder insects need substrates and other care to ensure a running colony. However, most breeders do not find the best cricket substrates leading to unsuccessful breeding. Luckily, finding the best cricket substrate isn’t that … Read more