Do Geckos Eat Roaches?

Gecko eating a cockroach

Although they are relatively simple to catch, roaches are probably not a reptile’s first food choice. But can or do geckos eat cockroaches? Geckos and other reptiles can gladly eat a variety of live insects without issues. Yes, geckos can consume cockroaches. However, doing so can be dangerous if cockroaches are the common household variety. … Read more

Do Dogs Eat Cockroaches? + What To Do

Cockroaches on a dog’s bowl

Your dog just ate a cockroach scurrying across the floor. You may be feeling disgusted. But are cockroaches edible to dogs? Should you be alarmed that your dog may have eaten a cockroach? What should you do? Roaches are not poisonous. But, if your dog eats them, they frequently contain parasites and diseases that might … Read more

Florida Roaches: Types

You wake up to grab a snack in the middle of the night and turn on the light, but the sight that meets your eyes is not what you anticipated. Roaches scramble to hide and you lose your appetite. But then you’re in Florida, where the climate is most conducive for the roaches to thrive. … Read more

Do Cockroaches Go Away in the Winter? + Hibernation & Prevention

Cockroaches Feeling Cold

Cockroaches prefer temperatures between 77-104°F (25-40°C) to survive. This is the average house temperature in the United States. Therefore, cockroaches will leave the premises if the temperature falls below 25 degrees in search of a warmer environment. As cold-blooded insects, cockroaches enter a hibernation-like state (diapause) when temperatures drop in the winter. Their growth stops, … Read more

Can Leopard Geckos Eat Dubia Roaches?

Leopard Gecko Eating Dubia Roach

Leopard gecko owners often seek the best feeder insects for their pet reptiles. Ranging from mealworms, and crickets, to dubia roaches, it is quite frustrating to find the perfect diet. With the rise in the popularity of dubia roaches as feeder insects, they’re a natural option. However, can leopard geckos eat dubia roaches? Keep reading … Read more