Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dubia Roaches?

Bearded Dragon and Dubia Roach

Bearded dragons are among the most peaceful and easy-to-handle reptile pets. They are omnivorous meaning they feed on both plants and insects. These pet reptiles prefer feeder insects that supply them with high nutritional contents. Dubia roaches are among the feeder insects that most individuals are lack information on whether they suitable for bearded dragons. Fully grown … Read more

How to Breed Dubia Roaches – Requirements and Life Cycle

How to Breed Dubia Roaches

Also known as Guyana orange spotted cockroaches, dubia roaches are popular feeder insects. Animals prefer the highly-nutritious dubia roaches. Individual pet owners often buy them from various suppliers who deliver them in constant quantities at excruciating prices. Therefore, many pet owners are thinking about how to breed dubia roaches on their own, while others aim … Read more