What’s the Deadliest Spider in the World?

The earth is home to more than 43,000 distinct species of spiders. Only a small portion of these are considered harmful, and fewer than 30, less than a tenth of one percent, have been linked to human fatalities. Why do people get harmed by so few spiders? As per the Guinness World Records, the Sydney … Read more

Brazilian Black Tarantula Care

The grasslands of Brazil and Uruguay are home to the thick, hairy Brazilian black tarantula. Brazilian black tarantulas are gentle and pleasant spiders, making them simple to care for. They make wonderful pets for folks who want to handle their spiders because they don’t exhibit aggression or animosity. What are black tarantulas? The grasslands are … Read more

Do Cats Eat Spiders? (Risks & Benefits)

In reality, cats and spiders have a lot in common. These hairy creatures are both regarded as predators in their levels of the food chain. They both might even reside in your home. Cats may even feed on spiders. Cats kill and eat spiders. At first, they may play with the spider before killing it … Read more

Do Spiders Eat Crickets? (Spider Diet)

Did you know that spiders are found everywhere except Antarctica? Yes, and they belong to a class known as arachnids. Spiders have two conspicuous parts, the cephalothorax, and the abdomen. They have their mouths well structured to help them grasp and conquer their prey.  Yes, spiders eat crickets and other insects such as grasshoppers, flies … Read more

Aphonopelma seemanni Care Guide

Alphonopelma Seemanni is also referred to as the zebra knee tarantula, a name tied to its physical appearance. This tarantula is black-bodied with small reddish hairs on the edges and white stripes on its legs. Interestingly, the females can live for almost twenty years while the males only manage to go for seven years. Also, … Read more